Wednesday, April 6, 2011

In Honor of A Second Follower

Having doubled the size my audience since my first stunning literary endeavour I feel obligated to share some more.  I am clearly a slow starter.  My motto has always been - Slow to mature, but quality that lasts.

One obstacle to my blogging productivity is that I'm not here to blog.  I'm treating blogger as a social netowrking site, and in my snarky with filled way.. I meander, read, comment and share the 'experience.'

Carry on, I'll strive to do my thing, as you do yours.


  1. hmm, even though you're not here to blog, i think i may follow you anyway just in case you change your mind. i kind of have a thing for the word 'smitten', which you chose to use in a comment on my here i am.

  2. Where have you gone? Its been so intresting following you. One can learn so much.

  3. Hey riggy, thanks for the interest, I think I've been too distracted following your work!

  4. This is the first time that Google/Blogger has allowed me to comment on your blog in over a month.

    Maybe two.

    I wanted to demand another blog entry.

    This one was insightful, witty. I laughed AND cried. Simultaneously. It made me relive my childhood and gave me insight into my future.

    Please write again.

  5. You think you have been.;) So how is my work?